Being from our hometown Chicago, Herban Produce has been one of blokdigi’s favorite local movements and at the top of our brand wish list when we launched the agency. We wholeheartedly believe in their founder and mission. That alignment creates a synergy between us that goes beyond all the money and talent in the world.

Our relationship is just getting started and we’re pumped to amplify the Herban Produce brand in 2019 and beyond.


  • Creative design for their first product sell sheet to help promote their specialty greens to restaurants and grocers.

  • Updated brand storyline to shift Herban Produce from bleeding heart non-profit to technology-powered, specialty greens urban farm.

  • Launched our Instagram growth strategy late December 2019 (results soon-to-come).

  • E-commerce store buildout (set to launch 2nd quarter 2019)

Boom – love it! Great job.
— Barry Howard (after our product sheet design delivery)

digital marketing services


instagram growth


creative design






creative design for product sheets and beyond

With Herban’s story shift from non-profit to technology-driven specialty grower, they needed a product sheet that would pop. Prior to this project their products were promoted to restaurants and grocers via Google Sheets. While we love Google, we both understood the importance creating a well-designed product sheet to showcase their unique brand and rare greens. Check it out here.

With the first creative design deliverable a success, Herban Produce has already retained blokdigi for more design projects in the coming months.


brand message & copywriting

Here’s what they said: take us from community garden to techie specialty grower for restaurants and grocers. With the logo staying as-is, updating the brand messaging was key.

Before: Herban Produce is a non-profit urban farm that provides fresh produce year-round to Garfield Park and neighboring communities.

After: Herban Produce is a year-round, technology-powered urban farm located in Garfield Park. We grow fresh, high-grade specialty greens and rare micros for Chicagoland’s finest restaurants and grocers – from harvest-to-kitchen in less than 24 hours.

While this rebrand is far from finished, it’s off to a great start.


ecommerce store buildout and strategy

blokdigi is working alongside the farm to create an online store that sells original herbs and creative merchandising that aligns with their brand and unique events. The store is set to go live in the 2nd quarter of 2019.