Clareminded has her sights set high on what she wants to accomplish with her personal brand, and we love that about her. When she came to blokdigi with her vision, we truly believed in her message and couldn’t wait to help amplify it.

The blokdigi team has headed everything from Instagram growth to content strategy and internal implementation procedures. With Clareminded being less than a few months old as of December 2018, we’re pumped to see what 2019 and beyond has in store for this future wellness tastemaker.


  • 3000+ organic Instagram followers gained within 4 months of implementing a growth strategy

  • Created a content strategy that aligns with her long-term vision and optimizes her chance of recognition in the crowded yoga and vegan niches

  • Built out internal content marketing procedure to help Clareminded organize and implement her content strategy

You’ve heard the causality dilemma about the chicken or the egg? Well not that I eat either, but that’s what I felt like I was constantly debating in regards to content. blokdigi not only cleared the controversy, but they built me a whole new content strategy hen house.
— Clareminded

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Instagram growth marketing

Working with a limited budget, we had to get creative with Clareminded’s Instagram growth marketing strategy. Delivering great content doesn’t equate to immediate growth, especially in the early stages. On average her account has been organically growing 700-800 followers every month since the growth strategy has been launched.


compelling content strategy

Differentiating Clareminded in the crowded yoga and vegan world was set to be challenging. We worked together to develop a content strategy with an Ayurveda and plant-based twist to help her stand out in the crowd. We were able to leverage the less competitive Ayurveda space while still taking advantage of the far larger yoga and vegan market to get her message out to many more people than those niches alone.


content creation systems and procedures buildout

A content marketing strategy is one thing, executing it is another. Given our extensive backgrounds in project management and operations, blokdigi helped Clareminded formulate a system that keeps her organized and on track so she can optimize her marketing strategy.