who we are.

We are different. We are weird. We wear Canadian tuxedos on the reg. We wake up before sunrise to meditate. We take cold showers because it’s healthy. We dance to techno in our underwear. We are traveling the world with a couple bags and our laptops. We are blokdigi.

our mission.

We will always challenge the status quo. We’re here to be an innovative leader in the digital space while partnering with badass brands (and people) that align with our core values.

Let’s shake up the world together.


blokdigi defined.

bloc \blok\ noun - a combination of countries, parties, or groups sharing a common purpose.

synonyms: alliance, coalition, league, union, axis, body, tribe

digi \diji\ slang - short for digital (obvi).

Just say no to the status quo.
— blokdigi

Think of blokdigi as the conductor to your digital orchestra.

Each facet of your digital strategy doesn’t exist in a vacuum – to build an effective presence that’s more than the sum of its parts, all channels must work in harmony together.

blokdigi is a unique digital marketing group that combines both traditional and progressive marketing tactics for maximum results. We’re outliers in life and in marketing strategy. Your forward-thinking brand deserves more than a run-of-the-mill strategy that a basic agency is likely to provide. Let’s align with purpose and amplify your brand together.


social media growth


content strategy


email marketing


paid ads


creative design






influencer marketing


web development


messenger marketing




We partner with brands (and people) that we believe in.

We’re not in this to help you sell cheeseburgers (unless they’re plant-based of course). We obviously need to make a living, however not at the expense of our values. We choose to partner with conscious brands and individuals who are striving to make the world a better place and inspire others.



  • health + wellness

  • fitness + nutrition

  • vegan / plant-based

  • cannabis

  • eco-friendly

  • non-profits

personal brands:

  • social entrepreneurs

  • artists

  • musicians

  • athletes

  • social media influencers

  • wellness coaches


We’ve gone nomad. But what does that mean for you?

blokdigi is able to deliver big agency results at a significant discount because we don’t have the outlandish overhead of your typical marketing firm. We don’t have a flashy office on Madison Ave, unnecessary support staff, indoor tree houses or whatever else is the latest craze in office perks. Founded in Chicago, our team now works on the road – we started in Oaxaca City, Mexico, then migrated to the coast to a surf town called Puerto Escondido (where Michael currently resides), and now Chris is spending the summer in Alaska. Long story short, our low overhead translates to you only paying for the work, not all the fluff.

Aside from the cost savings, being digital nomads puts us in the headspace to deliver for our clients. We don’t need expensive office gimmicks to keep us motivated–we’re letting global experiences and purpose-driven work handle that instead.


Where are we now?

Puerto Escondido, Mexico + Alaska, United States

blokdigi co-founder Michael Palm in his element (and a kimono) at the Selina co-work in Puerto Escondido.  Photo Credit:    Selina LTD

blokdigi co-founder Michael Palm in his element (and a kimono) at the Selina co-work in Puerto Escondido. Photo Credit: Selina LTD


Where have we been?

Oaxaca City, Mexico + Chicago, United States